Master Vocal Technique Teacher/Coach for Singers, and Published Author

Singing Lessons

I can help singers who are looking to make their voices sound bigger and stronger, like they are using a heavy chest voice all the way to the top of their range. Their favorite singers seem to be able to scream at maximum volume night after night (and hit very high notes) without hurting their vocal cords, and they want to do the same.

These things are possible through disciplined practice, and I can help you get there. If attempted before you have a correctly-bridged/middle/pharyngeal voice, you can cause permanent damage, something I’ve seen many times, and I refuse to allow in my students. I’ll know when your voice is ready for these techniques, and I’ll only take you there when it is.

I am the only teacher I know who can fix severe pitch problems. I can also correct damage caused by incorrect technique (if nodes or polyps are not present), eliminate hoarseness, bridge the breaks, increase range, and improve the singer’s endurance, literally taking a voice from start to finish. I instill proper placement for the different styles of singing, and teach by using science, visualization, concentration, feeling, and sensation.

What You Will Get: The information in a book can be correct and helpful, but sometimes there is no substitute for having your voice listened to and guided by a diagnostician like me. I have become extremely gifted at hearing which muscles in the body are keeping a singer from singing correctly, from singing well, from accessing his/her complete range, from finding his/her real voice, or from singing at all.

You will only need to sing a couple of notes for me before I completely identify the problems and what kind of work your voice will require. In this sense, you can think of me as being like a doctor or pathologist.

I have been teaching voice and vocal technique for over 30 years. With a B.S. in Speech as my foundation, I have since added to my understanding of the physical anatomy and processes involved in producing vocal tone: in other words, how the body should work to produce the correct tone for any style of singing without risking damage to the vocal cord mechanism.

Every single voice is different. Each requires a different way of working through it to achieve the desired result. It is in my ability to hear and concentrate that I help singers find their real voices, make an already good voice even better, or go in for repair and damage-control techniques.

$80 per lesson hour (and) Discount rates available

Discount rates available. Contact me to schedule voice lessons.

What you will need for online singing lessons

  • Skype
  • Skype is a free worldwide voice-over-IP service. The software, at, is easy to install and use.
  • A reliable broadband connection.
  • Any decent hands-free headset or mic and headphone setup. Most allow me to hear what I need to hear. A webcam is not necessary, as I only need to listen, not look at you!
  • A keyboard or guitar, and the ability to play simple major scales.
  • A recording device that allows you to listen to your singing.
  • You will need to practice.