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Tips for Singing Better from Beginners to Pros & All Who Fall in Between

tips for singing better

Have you ever noticed just how much a good singer’s mouth opens up when they sing, especially the higher they go in a song? I don’t know about you, but I think some of them look like their mouths are taking up half their face! Opening up the mouth more and more the higher you go in a song isn’t just a tip. It’s like a magical trick that so often produces an immediate result. After all, nothing is more satisfying and thrilling than that as a singer.

Every tip I address in this blog is not just singing tips for beginners. Any pro or actively singing singer can implement these voice lesson tips to open up your voice that much more and enable you to sing with that much more ease, freedom, and emotion. Additionally, these tips for singing better will not only help you find your real voice, but they will enable you to get away from listening to how you sound and wondering if you sound any good because these tips for singing better are designed to take you straight to the story content of your songs.

In so doing, these tips for singing better will free you from the obsession with how you sound. This is critical for the singer because if you are so caught up in how you sound and begin to fear that note you know is coming up, your audience will pick that up and suddenly they too will start wondering if you can hit that note or any note thereafter. That is how much power you have as a performing singer; that is what makes learning how to get into your emotions so important.

So here are 4 voice lesson tips; tips for singing better, that will help you to sing your songs with much more ease, freedom, artistic style, and emotion:

  1. Make sure the higher you go the more you OPEN UP YOUR MOUTH. Once it is open, aim for the sound to hit the roof of your mouth (the hard palate) or just above it. Visualize that and see if you can sense that happening. These tips aren’t just tips for beginners; they will work for any singer no matter where you are on the spectrum. There are so many singers, not just beginners who sing with their mouths virtually closed, much like a person who mumbles when they speak and that keeps the sound trapped, maybe even flat.
  2. THE CONSONANTS. It is the consonants that propel the sound out and not the breath. The consonants are created with the four articulators: the tongue, the teeth, the lips, and the hard palate (roof of mouth). Voice lesson tips such as this one takes some learning and best if you learn by taking some lessons with a skilled teacher who knows exactly how to teach what to look for, and exactly how to do it. Learned correctly, the consonants will catapult you straight into open vowel sounds.
  3. STOP TRYING TO SING SO LOUDLY. By not singing so loud and relying more on your speaking voice sound, this will help you to learn how to sing with a minimum of effort and a maximum of efficiency When you learn how to sing correctly, you will be plenty loud because it is not with the force of your breath or air that creates loudness. It’s resonance.
  4. As an EXERCISE ONLY, take a phrase (or one phrase at a time) from a song you like and/or are working on. Then REALLY EXXAGERATE EVERY SINGLE CONSONANT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Every single one. You will have to slow up the timing considerably to make sure you are hitting every one of those consonants and try do it by keeping the melody line going as best you can and as LOUD as you can. This will not be pretty. And you will sound awful. In fact, as with some of these tips for singing better while practicing (especially with this exercise) it would be best if you DO NOT stand in front of a mirror! Not only will the SOUND BE DISTORTED, SO WILL YOUR FACE! The purpose of this is to get you into the emotions of the song. Once you have finished doing this with a phrase or two, go back and sing it normally and take notice of whether you felt the words more. The reason this works is because you have to focus so much on the consonants in this exercise that you are concentrating on each word to make sure you capture each consonant. So when you go back to singing it as you normally would, you are into the words and emotions rather than how you sound.

If you want to contact me, feel free to contact me through my website: I would be happy to give you just one voice lesson to teach you exactly how to practice these tips for singing better correctly.

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