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The Best Vocal Technique Books for Aspiring Singers!

best vocal technique books

I’ve got something exciting to share with you all. As a passionate vocalist, I know the struggle of improving singing skills and the importance of finding the right resources. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to some of the best vocal technique books I have authored that have helped countless singers elevate their singing game!

Let’s talk about something all singers encounter – the struggle to control airflow. You know that feeling when your voice starts losing its power, and you try to compensate by adding more breath pressure for volume? That’s what’s known as “overblowing” or “pushing.” It happens when the vocal cords can’t maintain the necessary resistance for the airflow, so you unconsciously rely on breath pressure to force the sound out.

In my book, “Vocal Technique,” I delve into this issue and offer expert guidance on relying on your vocal cords for proper resistance and weight. By understanding how to control the flow of air, you can say goodbye to vocal strain and hello to singing with power and precision!

Now, let’s tackle the cornerstone of excellent singing – breathing right! In my book, “Advanced Vocal Technique,” I emphasized the significance of proper breathing techniques. I started by explaining the basics of everyday breathing – when you inhale through your mouth, your stomach expands, and when you exhale, it contracts.

My exercises help you become aware of your breathing patterns and stop harmful habits, like starting and stopping your breath before exhaling. To sing with ease and freedom, the vocal cords and the breath must work as a team, simultaneously starting the breath and the note. It’s about making this process involuntary so your voice works just as nature intended.

As we work on improving our singing, we must be our guide. My advice on recording our practice sessions is truly invaluable. Recording allows us to evaluate objectively rather than judging ourselves harshly as good or bad.

Listening to your recordings helps you identify and break bad habits that might hinder your progress. For bridging, middle voice, and placement, rely on what you hear on the recording and the sensation you feel rather than how it sounds to you at the moment of performance. Remember, it’s okay to do it wrong before you can do it right. Enjoy the learning process, and keep moving forward!


Now, let’s address a common misconception: only some singers need vocal technique training. Every voice requires maintenance, especially considering the demands of professional singing. Even famed singers, who might seem to sing instinctively, benefit from proper vocal techniques to prevent vocal issues.

I emphasize that singers might face career difficulties without proper training, and their voices might give out over time. So, whether you’re a professional singer or an aspiring one, investing in vocal technique books like mine can make all the difference in the longevity and quality of your singing career.

So, my fellow vocal enthusiasts, there you have it – a glimpse into some of the best vocal technique books by me. These best books for singing lessons will help you master your vocal power, breathe right, and achieve brilliance in your singing.

Remember, every singer can benefit from proper vocal technique, so don’t underestimate its significance. Feel the improvement journey, record your progress, and be your guide. You can achieve vocal greatness and enjoy a fulfilling and successful singing career with dedication and the right resources.

Check out my top picks and best books for singing lessons that can take your singing to new heights. Happy singing, and may your vocal journey be filled with passion, growth, and brilliance!