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Singing Lessons for Adults


Singing lessons for adults…what exactly does that mean? Well, from beginners to pros and all that fall in between, anyone over the age of 18 will be able to grasp some of the more advanced concepts and techniques I use to correct pitch problems, bridge any breaks that keep the singer from singing through sections of songs seamlessly, and increase the singers’ range and endurance. I also have some techniques that work like magic, producing satisfying immediate results.

These special voice lessons for adults are geared toward a specific group of singers’ needs, designed to meet needs of each individual singer. I do not have “canned” techniques to be applied to all singers. What makes mine different from the other more conventional techniques? Answer: no two singers have the exact same voice and each has their own set of needs and/or issues. Your voice is your own uniqueness. It is the one thing that sets one person apart from another. An impersonator, even the best of the best, if standing next to the person they are impersonating (each speaking the same phrase separately) won’t sound exactly like the original. Think about it. Someone phones you, starts talking and doesn’t introduce themselves, but you KNOW who it is! Why is that you ask –. because each and every voice has its own inherent sound. That said, I believe that every voice must be treated differently.

Some beginners over the age of 35 take singing lessons for adults because they just want to learn how to sing Happy Birthday in key, to sing any song well and in pitch for their own enjoyment and fun, or for the choir they’re in. If you are one of those who can’t sing in pitch, unless there is hearing loss, in my book there is no such thing as being tone deaf. I employ vocal exercises that strengthen the muscles and cartilages that actually control the vocal cords for pitch. These voice lessons for adults and the techniques I use will get the singer’s voice singing in key. To accomplish this, I use vocal exercises specifically designed to get the entire vocal apparatus strong enough to make the right adjustments for each and every pitch. Once those muscles and cartilages are strong enough, the singer will be able to sing in tune.

Some of the more seasoned and well-established singers prefer voice lessons for adults because they already have their real voice and it has been working well for them. Yet they feel the need for a brush up, are looking to gain an even better foundation, or come for rehabilitation after having abused their instrument. If the singer is recovering from nodes, I can help with that recovery. I can also offer up some tricks that will help the singer to sing in their preferred genre with more ease — which gives the singer more freedom to emote and get into the story of that song as they add their own artistic style to it and do so without the risk of injury to the vocal cords.

There are some adult singers who just want to sing better for their own enjoyment and fun. Singing lessons for adults are geared toward that. I have developed a set of techniques for singing songs that are tried and true and help to bring the singers’ own brand of magic to each and every song of their choosing that will guarantee more enjoyment, fun, and satisfaction.

In a nutshell, the way I teach is unique and I can teach Pop, country, Rock, and R&B to any singer who prefers any of these genres because the singing lessons for the adults techniques transfer over into all of them.

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