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How Can You Benefit From Online Singing Lessons As A Beginner?

Vocal Coach Online

Hi there, talented singers! I’m Dena Murray, and I’ve been giving online private singing lessons for years. Whether you’re a bathroom crooner or dream of gracing the big stage, let me guide you through some singing exercises that take your vocal journey from the shower to the spotlight. As a seasoned vocal coach, I know how crucial it is for you to practice vocal exercises to develop your voice.

Back in the mid-’90s, vocal coach online lessons were still a novel concept. Back then, SKYPE was the platform that paved the way for face-to-face connections with students worldwide.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and everyone went into lockdown, I shifted all of my in-person lessons online, and it was a game-changer. My students found these online private singing lessons incredibly valuable and even more effective than in-person sessions — and every new student I got going forward found also found these lessons to be very valuable. Some found them to be even better than any lesson they’d ever taken with any other teacher. Because online lessons require 150% of my concentration, these lessons allow me to dive deep into your vocal challenges to help you access the voice you intuitively know you have.

Vocal coach online lessons also offer unmatched comfort and convenience. You can take lessons from the comfort of your home, even in your pajamas if you so choose. No need to worry about traffic, drive time, or stress. It’s just you and me, ready to uncover the full potential of your voice.

Then there are some that don’t even want to be visible during a lesson, and because of my clairaudient ear, I can give them lessons by telephone only. By phone, I put the student on speaker and can hear every little thing going on that makes it right when it’s right, wrong when it’s wrong. I can imitate wrong and explain what I have just done, asking the student to listen for it in my voice. I give easy-to-comprehend explanations for both right and wrong ways after they’ve sung one run of a vocal exercise or a song (or section). After which, I will ask the student to listen to what they’d recorded to see if they can hear these things. With or without a webcam, the goal is to teach the student how to become their teacher.


As a beginner vocalist, you’ll need access to a keyboard or guitar covering the vocal range between middle C and high C. Don’t worry if you’re not proficient in playing these instruments; you only need to know the notes and be able to pluck them out, even with one finger. Mistakes are expected during exercises, but that’s part of the learning process.

The preferred instrument to use is the keyboard because it is the only instrument that sounds most like the voice and it becomes your visual vocal compass as I guide you through your vocal range. Familiarizing yourself with the notes and plucking them out while singing along will help you to visually memorize your trouble spots so that when you go to songs and see them coming up, you’ll know what to do because of the work you have done on them in exercises. You don’t get the kind of visual aid with the guitar. However, if the guitar is your preference you can learn how to play the exercises easily and still develop your voice.

When you are plucking out the notes of an exercise on keyboard and sing along, you get to see with your own eyes exactly where the difficulties are. So when you start singing a song and you run into trouble, you can turn to the keyboard and locate exactly which note(s) this occurs on and begin to recognize that you have no problem with those notes in exercises. That’s when you start asking yourself why isn’t this the case with the song? The answer lies in the mind. Our subconscious thoughts often dictate our vocal performance, limiting our ability to hit certain notes.  In such cases, the mind is not your friend when this happens, It is our subconscious thoughts that can limit our vocal performance, preventing us from hitting certain notes.

The voice is meant to be your servant, not the master. Yet you have been a slave to it, letting your voice take total control of how you sing rather than you taking control of the instrument and becoming its master. Only when you become the master and gain control will you feel freedom when you sing. Only then will you feel how easy it is. Only then will it be loads of fun. Only then will you grow to love your voice. With guidance, I’ll help you overcome these mental barriers and teach you how to take control of your voice.

That is the whole point of taking vocal coach online lessons. And just think; you can have the most successful lessons you’ve ever had by taking those lessons online and from the comfort of your home. You will get your voice. You can sing any song you want if you choose a teacher to learn from who is as skilled at this online as I am. If you are committed, dedicated, and all in, and if that teacher is a right fit for you and knows what they are doing, it’s guaranteed.