Dena Murray

I have been teaching vocal technique for singers for over 30 years. From 1994 to 2006, I worked at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA as Lead Vocal Instructor for the vocal program. At that time, I was responsible for training all the teachers and writing the curriculum as well as teaching 2 lecture classes of up to 80 people in each class, and one-on one private lessons. Upon leaving MI, I opened my own ;practice and currently teach online and over the phone. These lessons are as effective, if not more so, than any in-person lesson because I have a clairaudient ear (which means I can hear things in your voice that others cannot). Up until Covid in 2020, I'd been working online with students throughout the United States and Overseas for 25 years. When Covid had us in lockdown, I moved all of my in-person students to either online or telephone. Some were skeptical at first, but once we were halfway through our first lesson online, every single one of those students preferred it to in-person because we were working within the comfort of our own homes which eliminated all the stress that comes with drive time. Everyone discovered that because of my very gifted ear, the lessons were great. I had two students who did not want to be seen online. So we worked by telephone only. I put them on speaker and I could hear every little thing they were doing that was keeping them from having their voice the way they dreamt to have it, hence, these lessons were just as effective as any other. I am semi-retired now and really enjoy it because it gives me the time and energy to really invest in my students, making sure they find their real voices and get everything they have pay for and wanted in a teacher. I feel very blessed to have the students I get to teach. Anyone I have ever taught I have never forgotten and I have taught hundreds of singers how to sing correctly. I am also one of the very, very few that can correct pitch problems. Students often contact me years after they have left and I have pleasantly surprised them by having remembered who they are. I am very passionate about my work,, love my job, am highly skilled, and really do know that I am doing. Anyone who sticks with me always gets what they have wanted and my job is to make sure of it.


Through extensive study and research over the last 25 years, I have discovered a little-known secret. Proper use of the diaphragm is an automatic result of having learned how to inhale the air correctly. In my latest book, Vocal Strength and Power published and released by Hal Leonard Corp., I have included a glossary of …