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“The Voice College ( offers a wide range of tutored distance-learning courses teaching contemporary vocals. You can consolidate your existing experience or train from scratch. We are currently working with students at all levels. Range of Options: Tutored Distance Learning, Personalized Learning Pathways, 12 Week Taught Course – C.A.T.S., Single Tutored Modules, Untutored Courses, Hypno Learning, Blended Learning, One-day Workshops, Residentials, and one-to ones.

The Voice College’s Patron is world class Vocal Coach and Published Author Dena Murray, and we are delighted to be working alongside her to raise vocal standards and health worldwide.”

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This project was developed and founded by Robert Lunte, owner and founder of The Vocalist Studio.

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Loveless Motel Studios

Producer/Engineer Billy Burke has all the best vocal microphones and preamps and knows how to choose the best one for each singer’s voice. His studio is a great environment to get your best performance captured for eternity.

Endorses Hearfones

These inexpensive acoustic reflecting headphones have enabled my students to hear themselves as others hear them when singing. You don’t need a PA system to hear how you’d sound on a live gig or in the studio.
I’ve found them indispensable when teaching technique and changing incorrect habits like pushing, blasting, blowing, squeezing and/or yelling to sing. Once the singer experiences this shift in acoustical perception, he/she then realizes that taking in too much air for loudness and unnatural use of the body is unecessary to create strong and powerful tones. This device enables my singers to learn how to sing with much more ease, and to recognize that true power comes from resonance and not the force of their air.