Discover Your True Voice with Dena Murray - California’s Leading Vocal Coach

Unleash Your Vocal Potential and Achieve Your Dreams with Personalized Coaching from a Pro. 

Discover Your True Voice with Dena Murray – California’s Leading Vocal Coach

Unleash Your Vocal Potential and Achieve Your Dreams with Personalized Coaching from a Pro.

Every single voice is different. Find Yours Today.

Vocal Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vocalist, Dena’s online vocal coach lessons are designed to help you improve your singing abilities and achieve your goals. She does this with a customized approach that focuses on building a solid vocal technique foundation while also developing your own unique style and sound.

Singing Lessons

Every voice is different, each requiring different approaches to reaching the desired results. She builds up the voice and strengthens it through vocal exercises. When coaching how to sing songs, she uses techniques so magical that they produce instant results.

Vocal Technique Books

As a vocal coach, Dena understands the importance of good vocal technique in developing a strong and healthy voice. She is the published author of a successful three-book series published by Hal Leonard Corporation that offer a selection of vocal technique exercises, and specialized techniques to help improve the singers’ ability to get into the emotional and story content of their songs.

With Dena's instruction, You Can Sing Like This

Stardust (Gemini Syndrome, Michael Salerno)
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Get to Know Dena Murray: Among the Premiere Vocal Coaches in California and Passionate Mentor

If you’re looking for one of the best vocal coaches in California who is passionate, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in helping you achieve your singing goals, then you need to meet Dena Murray. She is among the most talented and dedicated vocal coaches I’ve ever met.

First, Dena is a true California girl with a warm and friendly personality that instantly puts you at ease. She’s been singing since she was 12; over the years, she’s developed an incredibly keen ear for music. She has a gift for identifying areas where her students can improve within the first five notes sung of a vocal exercise, and customize their instruction to achieve their full potential.

Dena’s ability to teach beginners as well as seasoned pros sets her apart from other vocal coaches. All of her techniques translate to any genre of singing. So whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned pro looking to take your skills to the next level, Dena has the knowledge and expertise to help you.

In addition to her private coaching, Dena has also taught at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood for 12 years as the lead vocal coach for the Vocal Department, wrote the curriculum implemented for that department during her tenure, and trained all the vocal instructors already on board, as well as any new hires, so that everyone was on the same page. She has an impressive list of past students, including Sarah Hudson (songwriter), Holly Valentine (Hyper Crush), Michael Salerno (Gemini Syndrome), Jon Hensley (actor), Lauren Adams (singer/songwriter), and voice talent from CBS, NBC, HBO, and motion picture documentary films.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Dena is her genuine passion for helping others. She truly cares about her students and is invested in helping them to achieve their singing dreams. Whether you want to improve your range, fix pitch problems, bridge the break areas to sing seamlessly throughout a song, or simply gain more confidence in your singing abilities, Dena will be there for you every step of the way.

What sets Dena apart from most is her clairaudient ear. This means that she can hear things in her students’ voices that most teachers cannot detect. She doesn’t even have to see your face to be able to do this. It is because of this gift that skeptics regarding online lessons, or lessons by telephone alone, quickly turn into avid believers.  And if there is one thing you can say about Dena, it is that she is 100% committed to making sure the singer gets exactly what they came to her for.

Dena Murray’s Engaging and Customized Online Vocal Coach Lessons for Singers over Skype

Dena Murray is an exceptional vocal coach who specializes in online lessons, and she uses Skype to connect with her students. If you’re looking to take your singing skills to the next level, you can easily download Skype on your cellphone or laptop and start taking one-on-one lessons with Dena. Her engaging and customized approach to vocal coaching is designed to help you achieve your full potential as a singer, regardless of your skill level. With Dena’s guidance and expertise, you can improve your range, fix pitch problems, bridge the break between the chest voice and head voice, and gain more confidence in your singing abilities — all from the comfort of your own home.

Discover the Benefits of Dena Murray’s Personalized Vocal Coaching Services.

As a vocal coach for online lessons, Dena Murray offers a unique and customized approach to vocal coaching tailored to each student’s needs. There are several reasons why students choose her as a vocal coach for online lessons:

Expertise and experience: With a solid educational background and years of experience working in the industry, Dena has the knowledge and expertise to help students achieve their singing goals.

Personalized approach: Dena believes every student is unique and takes a customized approach to vocal coaching. By understanding each student’s voice, learning style, goals, and musical preferences, she can help them to develop their own unique style, guide them into their real voice, and find their own unique sound.

Positive reviews and testimonials: Dena has helped many students to improve their singing abilities and achieve their goals, and her website features positive reviews and testimonials from not just her students, but also from many of her accomplished and esteemed colleagues.

Focus on fun and enjoyment: Dena prioritizes making the learning process engaging, enjoyable, and fun for her students while still focusing on building a strong foundation to strengthen the voice and empower the student to take control of their instrument.

Free resources and materials: Dena provides free resources and materials to her students that include vocal exercises, warm-ups, and “tricks” for songs that add to the value of her coaching services.

Passion and dedication: Dena is passionate about singing and teaching and dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals. She provides feedback and guidance throughout the learning process and is committed to helping her students grow as singers.